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Roof Cleaning Dublin

Maintaining a clean roof is vital if you want it to last a long time and protect you from extreme weather events. If you leave it alone, germs and moss will grow on the roof, causing permanent damage.

At Galaxy Roofers, we have trained roof technicians with the skills and expertise to handle all of your roof cleaning needs. We strive to give our clients peace of mind that their roofs will be cleaned professionally and to assist them in achieving all of their cleaning goals.

Service Benefits

Why Choose Roof Cleaning Dublin?

Protecting the Appearance

Regular cleaning of the roof can help to maintain the attractive appearance of your house for a long time.

Saving from Damages

Any type of build-up on the roof can result in damage to it. Cleaning the roof regularly can prevent such damaging factors.

Keeping the Home Cool

By keeping algae and other things away from the roof, you prevent additional heat accumulation which keeps your room cool.

Making the Roof Durable

A damage-free roof lasts longer than a damaged one as there is no chance of frequent breakage.


Your Roof Cleaning : Questions Answered

How often should I have the roof cleaned?

The best option for the life of your roof, whatever type, is to regularly clean it by removing debris and treating moss. Our roof cleaning professionals can help you clean your roof in a stress-free manner.

Do you focus on keeping the roof shingles safe?

Yes, we do. Pressure during roof cleaning can damage the shingles and cause leaks—we know that firsthand! That’s why our team carefully cleans your roof without putting much pressure on it.

How long do you take to clean my roof?

It depends on the size of your roof, what type of service you're choosing—and several other factors. If you have a large one, we'll need more time compared to cleaning a smaller roof.

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