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Flat Roof Installation Dublin

Don’t just settle for a traditional sloped roof and let your property have that same, old boring vibe. With expert flat roofers Dublin, opt for the aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient flat roofs. Flat roofs are versatile, easier to maintain, and more energy-efficient than most sloped roofs. 

Get your flat roof installed with unmatched craftsmanship with our skilled flat roofing installers. From conceptualization to completion, we will give your flat roof the look and strength it deserves. Our proficient flat roofers also provide flawless flat roof repairs Dublin services. We will locate your flat roof leaks and take prompt corrective measures to extend its lifespan.

Service Benefits

Why Choose Flat Roofing Installations

Highly Durable

Generally safe from water damage and also better at withstanding natural disasters

Easy To Clean

Better accessible than other roofing systems - hence easier to clean and maintain

Versatile Use

Utilize the flat roof to create deck, garden or, use it as a relaxing space

HVAC Units Space

Place your HVAC units safely on the roof without fear of damage


Your Flat Roof Installation: Questions Answered

What are flat roofs?

Roofs that have slight pitches between ¼” to ½” per foot and slopes less than 10 degrees are flat roofs. 

What is the lifespan of flat roofs?

If the flat roof is properly installed by our expert flat roofers Dublin, they generally last between 15-20 years (depends on maintenance too). 

What kinds of roofs can your flat roofers Dublin repair?

We offer all types of flat roof repairs Dublin services such as asphalt rolled, tar and gravel, and rubber.

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