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Drone Roof Inspections Dublin

Even the most durable roofs are vulnerable to leaks, aging, and weathering. With regular roof inspections, you can detect these issues early and prevent costly emergency repairs. But don’t just pull out the ladder and go at it alone. Get an accurate assessment of your roof damage using our drone roof inspections Dublin services. 

Drones provide an aerial view of the roof while also having the ability to maneuver into small roof areas. With the drone, our professional roofing inspector will examine the status of your roof structure while simultaneously capturing high-definition photos and videos.

Service Benefits

Why Choose Drone Roof Inspections Dublin

Eliminate Safety Risk

Allows roofing inspectors to stay on the ground all the time and avoid the risk of climbing roofs.

Helps Save Time

Flies over the entire roof perimeter and gathers required information in the shortest time possible.

More Accurate Data

Collect more accurate, and comprehensive roof details with the help of the drone’s infrared cameras.

Survey Inaccessible Areas

Easily maneuver into difficult roof areas otherwise inaccessible by humans like small recessed sections.


Your Drone Roof Inspection Questions Answered

Why should I use drones for roof inspection?

Drone roof inspections Dublin provide image results that help roofing professionals in clearly seeing your roof and allows you to get precise roof measurements.

How long does drone roof inspection take?

The service time for a drone roof inspection depends on the size and structure of your roof. The average drone time for a roof inspection is about 20-30 minutes.

Which drones are the best for home inspections?

Drones used for roof inspections must have high-resolution imaging. This will allow the roofing professionals to zoom in to get a clear view during inspections. At Galaxy Roofing, we mostly use drone cameras with 2x or 4x lossless zoom.

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