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Chimney Repairs Dublin

Chimneys, like any other part of the roof, can deteriorate. When you consider the continuous heat that a chimney is confined to, blended with the Irish weather, it is no surprise that the brickwork or lead flashing around a chimney can easily become damaged over time and begin to dislodge.

Galaxy Roofers handles all chimney repairs, regardless of the type of damage or structural issues. We offer high-quality chimney and masonry repair services to restore the structure and/or design of your chimney at an affordable price.

Service Benefits

Why Choose Chimney Repair Dublin?

The Value Card

Continuous maintenance & repair of your chimney elevates the value of your home.

Avoid Certain Chemicals

Regularly clean your fireplace and chimney to avoid the buildup of creosote that leads to serious illness when inhaled.

Prevent Smoke Reversing Its Direction

Avoid the smoke coming from the obstructed chimney as no one wants to inhale soot and ash.

Increased Burn Efficiency

If airflow to a firebox is obstructed, the flame will not be able to efficiently consume fuel.


Your Chimney Repair: Questions Answered

How long before cleaning or repairing must I stop using my fireplace?

At least 12 hours. Also, it is important to put out all fires before we arrive, because embers can damage our vacuum cleaners and cause other problems.

Does my chimney need cleaning or repairing?

A chimney needs cleaning every 6-12 months, regardless of how often it is used or what type of fuel is burnt in it.

How long does it take to clean a chimney?

It's dependent on how dirty the system is, how difficult it is to reach the smoke shelf area and what level of soot exists in that space. Typically, 2-4 hours are required for cleaning.

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